Polygenic risk and the course of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder from childhood to young adulthood: Findings from a nationally-representative cohort

Agnew-Blais J, Belsky D, Caspi A, Danese A, Moffitt TE, Polanczyk G, Sugden K, Williams BS, Wertz J, Lewis C, Arseneault L
In Press Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry

The Polygenic Index Repository: Resource Profile and User Guide

Becker J, Burik CAP, Goldman G, Wang N, Jayashankar H, Bennett M, Belsky DW, Linner RK, Ahlskog R, Kleinman A, Hinds DA, 23 and Me Research Group, Caspi A, Corcoran DL, Moffitt TE, Poulton R, Sugden K, Williams BS, Harris KM, Steptoe A, Ajnakina O, Milani L, Esko T, Iacono WG, McGue M, Magnusson PKE, Mallard TT, Harden KP, Tucker-Drob EM, Herd P, Freese J, Young A, Beauchamp JP, Koellinger P, Oskarsson S, Johannesson M, Visscher PM, Meyer MN, Laibson D, Cesarini D, Benjamin DJ, Turley P, Okbay A
In Press Nature Human Behaviour
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Lower cardiovascular reactivity is associated with more childhood adversity and poorer midlife health: Replicated findings from the Dunedin and MIDUS cohorts

Bourassa KJ, Moffitt TE, Harrington HL, Houts RM, Poulton R, Ramrakha S, Caspi A
In Press Clinical Psychological Science

Eleven genomic loci affect plasma levels of chronic inflammation marker soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor

Dowsett J, Ferkingstad E, Rasmussen LJH, Thorner LW, Thorleifsson G, Frigge M, Magnusson MK, Burgdorf KS, Ostrowski SR, Sorensen E, Erikstrup C, Pedersen OBV, Hansen TF, Banasik K, Brunak S, Tragante V, Sugden K, Poulton R, Arseneault L, Caspi A, Moffitt TE, Gudbjartsson D, Eugen-Olsen J, Stefansson H, Stefansson K, Ullum H
In Press Communications Biology

Assessing the co-variability of DNA methylation across peripheral cells and tissues: implications for the interpretation of findings in epigenetic epidemiology

Hannon E, Mansell G, Walker E, Nabais MF, Burrage J, Kepa A, Best-Lane J, Rose A, Heck S, Moffitt TE, Caspi A, Arseneault L, Mill J
In Press PLoS Genetics

Association of air pollution exposure in childhood and adolescence with psychopathology at the transition to adulthood

Reuben A, Beddows A, Beevers SD, Latham RM, Moffitt TE, Newbury JB, Odgers C, Schaefer J, Fisher HL
In Press JAMA Network Open

DNA methylation signatures of aggression and closely related constructs

van Dongen J, Hagenbeek FA, Suderman M, Roetman PJ, Sugden K, ., ., ., ., ., ., ., ., ., ., Boomsma DI
In Press Molecular Psychiatry

Population versus individual prediction of poor health from Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) screening

Baldwin JR, Caspi A, Meehan AJ, Ambler A, Arseneault L, Fisher HL, Harrington HL, Matthews T, Odgers CL, Poulton R, Ramrakha S, Moffitt TE, Danese A
2021 JAMA Pediatrics
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Investigating the genetic architecture of non-cognitive skills using GWAS-by-subtraction

Demange PA, Malanchini M, Mallard TT, Biroli P, Cox SR, Grotzinger AD, Tucker-Drob EM, Abdellaoui A, Arseneault L, Caspi A, Corcoran D, Domingue B, Mitchell C, van Bergen E, Boomsma DI, Harris KM, Ip HF, Moffitt TE, Poulton R, Prinz J, Sugden K, Wertz J, Williams BS, de Zeeuw EL, Belsky DW, Harden KP, Nivard MG
2021 Nature Genetics
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Disparities in the pace of biological aging among midlife adults of the same chronological age have implications for future frailty risk and policy

Elliott ML, Caspi A, Houts RM, Ambler A, Broadbent JM, Hancox RJ, Harrington HL, Hogan S, Keenan R, Knodt A, Leung JH, Melzer TR, Purdy SC, Ramrakha S, Richmond-Rakerd LS, Righarts A, Sugden K, Thomson WM, Thorne PR, Williams BS, Wilson G, Hariri AR, Poulton R, Moffitt TE
2021 Nature Aging
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