Statistical Code


The wide array of topics covered by our research team requires us to use a variety of statistical methods and models to analyze the different questions we pose. The Center for Open Science encourages transparency in materials and practices. Here we provide a repository of statistical code used to create and analyze our longitudinal data on genes, environment, health and behavior.

New Zealand Ministry of Health list of diagnostic mappings: ICD-10 to ICD-9.  Also available here.

Syntax and output for all models in the article by Caspi, Houts et al. (2023), Clinical Psychological Science are available here.

Code for models and graphs in the article by Caspi, Houts et al. “The high volume of mental-health conditions in primary care: Nationwide analysis of 350 million patient encounters,” is available below.

SAS syntax for analyses report in the paper.

Code to redact small cells per Norwegian regulation.

Code to create plots used in the paper.