The integenerational transmission of childhood exposure to violence: Behavioural and biological mechanisms

Pariante, Carmine M
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Challenges in implementing preventive interventions

Sanders, Matthew R.
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Psychobiological effects of juvenile violence exposure: Effects on telomere erosion

Shalev, Idan
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Undercontrolled temperament at age 3 predicts disordered gambling at age 32: a longitudinal study of a complete birth cohort.

Slutske WS, Moffitt TE, Poulton R, Caspi A
Psychological Science May 1;23(5):510-6

The Poverty Clinic; Can a stressful childhood make you a sick adult?

Tough, P
2011 The New Yorker
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Effects on the brain assessed with neuroimaging

Walitza, Susanne & Brem, Silvia
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