Association of childhood blood lead levels with cognitive function and socioeconomic status at age 38 years with IQ change and socioeconomic mobility between childhood and adulthood

Reuben A, Caspi A, Belsky D, Broadbent J, Harrington HL, Sugden K, Houts R, Ramrakha S, Poulton R, Moffitt TE
2017 JAMA 317:1244-1251
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Structural alterations within cerebellar circuitry are associated with general liability for common mental disorders

Romer AL, Knodt AR, Houts R, Brigidi BD, Moffitt TE, Caspi A, Hariri AR
2017 Molecular Psychiatry 00: 1-7
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Is low cognitive functioning a predictor or consequence of major depressive disorder? A test in two longitudinal birth cohorts

Schaefer JD, Scult MA, Caspi A, Arseneault L, Belsky DW, Hariri AR, Harrington HL, Houts R, Ramrakha S, Poulton R, Moffitt TE
2017 Development and Psychopathology

Enduring mental health: Prevalence and prediction

Schaefer JD, Caspi A, Belsky DW, Harrington HL, Houts R, Horwood J, Hussong A, Ramrakha S, Poulton R, Moffitt TE
2017 Journal of Abnormal Psychology 126: 212-224
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Genetic variants in 5-HTTLPR, BDNF, HTR1A, COMT and FKBP5 and risk for treated depression after cancer diagnosis

Suppli NP, Bukh JD, Moffitt TE, Caspi A, Johansen C, Tjonneland A, Kessing LV, Dalton SO
2017 Depression and Anxiety 34: 845-855

Childhood body mass index and endothelial dysfunction evaluated by peripheral arterial tonometry in early midlife

Williams MJA, Milne BJ, Amber A, Theodore R, Ramrakha S, Caspi A, Moffitt TE, Poulton R
2017 International Journal of Obesity 41: 1355-1360

Evaluation of the persistence, remission, and emergence of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in young adulthood

Agnew-Blais JC, Polanczyk GV, Danese A, Wertz J, Moffitt TE, Arseneault L
2016 JAMA Psychiatry 73: 713-720
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Childhood bullying victimization predicts overweight in young adulthood: A cohort study

Baldwin J, Arsenault L, Odgers CL, Belsky DW, Matthews T, Ambler A, Caspi A, Moffitt TE, Danese A
2016 Psychosomatic Medicine 78: 1094-1103

Adult-onset offenders: Is a tailored theory warranted?

Beckley AL, Caspi A, Harrington HL, Houts R, Mcgee TR, Morgan N, Schroeder F, Ramrakha S, Poulton R, Moffitt TE
2016 Journal of Criminal Justice 46: 64-81
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The genetics of success: How SNPs associated with educational attainment relate to life-course development

Belsky DW, Moffitt TE, Corcoran DL, Domingue D, Harrington HL, Hogan S, Houts R, Ramrakha S, Sugden K, Williams B, Poulton R, Caspi A
2016 Psychological Science 7: 957-972
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