Associations between cannabis use and physical health problems in early midlife: A longitudinal comparison of persistent cannabis versus tobacco users

Meier MH, Caspi A, Cerda M, Hancox RJ, Harrington HL, Houts R, Poulton R, Ramrakha S, Thomson WM, Moffitt TE
2016 JAMA Psychiatry 73: 731-740
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Why are children in urban neighborhoods at increased risk for psyhotic symptos? Findings from a UK longitudinal cohort study

Newbury J, Arseneault L, Caspi A, Moffitt TE, Odgers CL, Fisher HL
2016 Schizophrenia Bulletin 42: 1372-1383
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Lest we forget: Comparing retrospective and prospective assessments of adverse childhood experiences in the prediction of adult health

Reuben A, Moffitt TE, Caspi A, Belsky DW, Harrington HL, Schroeder F, Hogan S, Ramrakha S, Poulton R, Danese A
2016 Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 57: 1103-1112
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The association between cognitive function and subsequent depression: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Scult MA, Paulli AR, Mazure ES, Moffitt TE, Hariri AR, Strauman TJ
2016 Psychological Medicine 47: 1-17
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Is Toxoplasma Gondii Infection Related to Brain and Behavior Impairments in Humans? Evidence from a Population-Representative Birth Cohort

Sugden K, Moffitt TE, Pinto L, Poulton R, Williams BS, Caspi A
2016 PLOS ONE 11:e0148435
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Telomere length and periodontal attachment loss: a prospective cohort study

Thomson WM, Zeng J, Broadbent JM, Foster Page LA, Shalev I, Moffitt TE, Caspi A, Braithwaite AW, Poulton R
2016 J of Clinical Periodontology 43: 121-127
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The aetiology of pervasive versus situational antisocial behaviours: a multiple-informant longitudinal cohort study

Wertz J, Zavos HMS, Matthews T, Gray R, Best-Lane J, Pariante CM, Moffitt TE, Arseneault L
2016 Child Development 87: 312-325
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Parental monitoring and knowledge: Testing bidirectional associations with youths’ antisocial behaviour

Wertz J, Nottingham K, Agnew-Blais J, Matthews T, Pariante CM, Moffitt TE, Arseneault L
2016 Development and Psychopathology 28: 623-638

Carson’s youthful change is a common course

Beckley AL
2015 News & Observer

Cardiorespiratory fitness and cognitive function in midlife: Neuroprotection or neuroselection?

Belsky DW, Caspi A, Israel S, Blumenthal JA, Poulton R, Moffitt TE
2015 Annals of Neurology 77: 607-617
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