Podcast: Surprises Found By Following 1000 People’s Mental Health

tree and elf

Temi did a fun 20-min podcast to announce her talk in the King’s College London, Inst of Psychiatry’s annual research festival on 27 April.  It’s being promoted by Mental Elf, a UK NGO that disseminates information about mental health to the public. There is a 20-min podcast link below, and also a tweet if you care to help send it. The topic is: “What surprises we got by following 1000 people’s mental health for decades.” Soon there will be a blog as well, by professional mental health blogger, Dona Matthews. Very exciting!

The podcast: https://soundcloud.com/national-elf-service/terrie-moffitt-ioppnfestival 

The tweet: https://twitter.com/Mental_Elf/status/1382669708596543492