Salomon Israel, Ph.D.


Assistant Professor

Hebrew University

Mailing Address: 
Department of Psychology, Mt. Scopus, Jerusalem 9190501, Israel

Salomon was born in Iran, grew up in California, and spent the last nine years living in Israel. Before joining the Moffitt and Caspi group as a postdoctoral fellow, he received his M.A. in cognitive science and his Ph.D. in psychology, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Dissertation title: The molecular genetics of pro-social behavior). As of January 1, 2015, he started his appointment as Assistant Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

His research is multidisciplinary, and he is interested in using insights from molecular genetics, behavioral economics, and neurobiology to help inform our understanding of everyday human social behavior. Two questions of particular interest are: What are the underlying biological mechanisms (genes, hormones, neural processes, etc.) influencing human social interactions such as trust and altruism? And conversely, how do differences in personality and social experience manifest themselves in health outcomes later on in life? 

When not at work, Salomon enjoys spending time with his family, playing basketball, and pretending to be a photographer. He is also an avid sports fan.