Benjamin Williams

Lab Research Analyst II

+1 919 613 6993

Ben has worked with the team for almost 10 years as a research technician. His responsibilities are for sample processing and management, establishing, validating and running bioassays in house, and liaising with core facilities. He maintains our biobanks and the production of wet-lab biological measurements. This has involved providing genotype data from DNA samples, quantification of mRNA via Q-PCR, quantitative measurement of telomeres, and measurement of plasma inflammatory cytokines using ELISA. He has also evaluated and implemented collection strategies for biological samples and has extensive experience with supporting field collection of blood, saliva, buccal swabs and bloodspots.

Ben lives in the country north of the city where he keeps a hobby farm with chickens, ducks and small acreage tilled with his vintage tractor. Weekends find him following the local Bassett Hounds.